Stageplan ensures that our products exceed customer expectations. And since we build what we design, we have a deep understanding what it takes to provide durable, functional and cost effective solutions.  Stageplans takes these steps in creating our products:
Define. Understand the customer’s needs and wishes through discussions, rough sketches and samples. The result is a requirements list.
Design.  Explore appearance and configuration opportunities through the use of sketches, Solidworks computer layouts, and material and finish samples. Following reviews with our customers, the design direction is refined through revised design drawings and computer images as required. Detailed shop drawings are the next step.
Build. Using our Solidworks 3D shop drawings, Stageplan metal and wood production areas craft the products together with our in-house finish department. Crating of products is done by the staff who build the pieces, to ensure that the quality arrives on site after shipping.
Install and Disassembly.  The craftsman who build the products perform all of our installations and disassembly.  The result is a quicker and higher quality setup.  Overall, Stageplan’s vast experience in organizing, managing and performing in the trade show, retail or residential environments result in a successful experience for our customers.
steel chair construction

Design and Engineering

Build and Install

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